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  1. Niels B Pedersen

    Ja dem der står i de blogge “For Sale”

  2. Tommy

    Sælger du nogle af disse mærker

  3. Niels B Pedersen

    I actually have an extra one from the 11 year march. For better contact my email is

  4. Niels B Pedersen

    These are not for sale – this is my collection

  5. Niels B Pedersen

    Brigade badge is only available in one size, but there are several different sizes of the Danish nationality badge. The brigade badge was replaced in 1958 by a slightly smaller badge. I have written some books about the badges of the Danish army and if it interests you, you are welcome to buy one or more. I have written 3 volumes. For better contact my email is

  6. Niels B Pedersen

    I would like to, but I only show badges that are physically in my own collection

  7. Frank Clifford

    Doing some research regarding the Grenadier Guards for my local Army Cadet Force detachment and I was wondering if you would include Whittlesey Detachment of One(Hereward) Company Cambridgeshire ACF as we have been wearing the cap badge for a few decades, the exact number escapes me at this time.

  8. Frederic Pineau

    Hello, I hadn’t seen your reply. Thank you! I have the patch in picture and I thought it was black with white letters. Do you know if there is a Danish site where I could find these badges?

  9. Mark Eldred

    My father completed 11 marches at nijmegen since 1995 and I was looking to get a duplicate 11 years medal. Where can i get one.

  10. Richard Brubaker

    I would like to purchase one of these badges cause i went to the school but i lost the badge, please tell me where i can get one thanks Rick

  11. Niels B Pedersen

    Try Facebook

  12. Niels B Pedersen

    No they are not for sale – only on display. I served with DANCON 30, 31 and 32 from 1978 – 1980 and again in Kosovo 1999 – 2001 as NATO

  13. Niels B Pedersen

    Yes it was a social service (FOVA= Folk og Værn) in English it means translated “people and defense”. I mean the title was yellow on green. Do you have one in white. They had some other insignia too and their own ranks

  14. frederic


    Do you know what the FOVA (a kind of social service) is, which belongs to the Do Danske Tysklandsbrigade ? There’s a title with FOVA in white.


  15. Keith McIntyre

    Hi Niels,
    Would you be interested in selling me some of your UN and NATO Military Police metal pocket badges. I served with UNFICYP and UNDOF in the early 1970s and we did not have any badges at that time and I would like to get the 2 UNFICYP badges and 1 of the NATO MILITARY POLICE if possible. I can make payment to you however you wish.

  16. Morton Lucy

    How can I obtain a list of friends who served with me in The 4th/5th Essex at Ilford Essex 1962 thru 1968 TA

    23896703 Morton R Lucy

  17. Niels B Pedersen

    Hi Duncan,
    You are welcomw to use any image that you would like

  18. Duncan Toms

    I’m helping my 102 year old father word process his war memories including serving with the Seaforths in the invasion of Germany and would like permission to use the photo of the various Seaforth cap badges as one of the illustrations.
    With thanks.

  19. Niels B Pedersen

    I only sell the things that are in the blog “For Sale”

  20. Hi. I’m interested to purchase FRONTEX badges. I can see two that I want from this collection. Is it possible ? Thank you

  21. Niels B Pedersen

    the veterinary corps badge shown is the cap badge and the price would probably be between 250-350 US dollars if you would be able ti find someone for sale. The badges on these blogs are not for sale but are my personally collection.
    I am writing book about badges. Here is a link to my latest book about Danish military badges if you should be interested in this I am able to sell it cheaper on this site:

  22. Niels B Pedersen

    Jeg fik en anden forklaring på den i søndags, skulle være båret i Flyvevåbnets start som faldskærmsvinge i protest over at man ingen faldskærmsvinger havde i det danske forsvar til dem som blev faldskærmsuddannet. Men de kan sagtens have tiltaget denne fra amerikanerne. Måske er begge historier rigtige.

  23. Morten Rasmussen

    Nummer 11 er en variant af den amerikanske “bush pilot” vinge fra Vietnmakrigen. Så vidt jeg husker fik man den hvis man overlevede 5 besøg på de lokale bordeller uden at redde sig en kønssygdom, eller en lignende skrøne.

    Jeg har en fra Vietnamkrigen som jeg fik sammen med mine vietnamesiske faldskærmsvinger fra perioden. Den ser noget anderledes ud, men designet er ikke til at tage fejl af.


  24. Hi Niels, I wonder if you have some of the Brittish Badges left? If so please let me know! Regards Jan

  25. Niels B Pedersen

    I need to se it, please send a scan to

  26. Don Corneil

    Just wondering if it was possible to buy a Canadian Legion hat badge with the Scottish background. I am currently the President of the Brockville Legion, Branch 96 and a former member of the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment from Pembroke, Ontario. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.