398: Reserve Regiments, Kings Colonials

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  1. Niels B Pedersen

    I am afraid that all the white metals ones are fakes, the brass one KK 1506 is in King & Kiplings book and on this one some one has repaired it, note if you take a look on the rear there are a lot of lead on the crown and lion area, but it is a genuine one. They were not worn as arm badges, not official.

  2. Dave Knight

    What do you make of the white metal and silver badges of King Edward’s Horse? I cannot find any evidence that they were worn in w/m. Kipling and King only list brass, gilding metal, gilt and bronze. Are we to assume that all white metal ones are fakes? Also can you shed any light on why some of the second pattern of cap badges have KC and others have what you call a Saxon Crown? Is possible that one of these was the arm badge worn by NCOs?

  3. Niels B Pedersen

    Hi Nick,
    You are welcome to use any pieces you need.

  4. Hi,
    I’m writing a short piece for my blog about the Royal Reserve Regiments and I was wondering if I could use a couple of your photo to illustrate the piece. I would, of course, acknowledge the source.
    Nick Metcalfe

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