46: Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force ww1 & ww2 cap badges

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Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force ww1 & ww2 cap badges

No. 14 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps was formed on the 3 February 1915 at Shoreham with Maurice Farman S.11 and B.E.2 aircraft. and it departed after a few months of training for the middle east in November of that same year for Army co-operation duties during the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. In 1916 the squadron’s B.E.2s were supplemented with a small number of D.H.1A two seat fighters for escort duties, with the type remaining in use until March 1917. Other fighters operated by the squadron’s fighter flight included the Bristol Scout and Vickers FB.19, but the fighter flight left the squadron in August 1917 to form No. 111 Squadron. The squadron flew in support of British forces in the Third Battle of Gaza in late 1917. In November 1917 the squadron was equipped with Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8s, to perform reconnaissance duties, attacking the disintegrating Turkish Seventh Army as it retreated following the Battle of Nablus. It was recalled to the UK in January 1919 and disbanded the following month.

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